Assessment Team

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As of May 2019, the Faculty Assessment Facilitator positions were suspended.  Each department was charged with determining how assessment would be sustained.  Your department should have some person or persons charged with ensuring assessment continues.  For questions about who that might be,  you can contact your department chair or Dean or reach out to us in Institutional Research and Assessment.  Additional resources include the Learning Assessment Committee.  Members of the committee are listed below.

Institutional Research & Assessment

Learning Assessment Committee - Academic Affairs Subcommittee

  • Laura Cowan, Assistant Professor, Music
  • Don Crall, Associate Professor, Engineering
  • Joyce Friske, Associate Professor, Math
  • Lisa Liefield, Assistant Professor, Child Development
  • Randall Loudamy, Assistant Professor, Humanities
  • Kristin Matthews, Assistant Professor, History and Political Science
  • Julie Porterfield, Associate Professor, Life Sciences
  • Jerilyn Schultz, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Social Sciences
  • Penny Stack, Assistant Professor, Allied Health
  • Francoise Sullivan, Associate Professor, World Languages
  • Donna Thurman, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • Travis White, Dean, Business and Information Technology