Assessment Planning

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Assessment is the ongoing process of gathering, analyzing and reflecting on evidence to make informed and consistent decisions for continuous improvement of student learning and development. Assessment provides useful information to report credibly on student achievement.  The following document outlines the expectations and guidelines for student learning outcomes assessment at TCC.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Framework and Guidelines (pdf)

Program Assessment Planning

Program level assessment is an ongoing process focusing the faculty lens on the strengths and weaknesses in a program’s learning outcomes, student progress, required courses, pedagogy, and/or program structure as reflected in student performance and development. Faculty assess programs by collecting empirical evidence to examine student learning, and they rely on this evidence to guide decision making (Allen, 2004).

Program Learning Outcomes are informed by the evidence gathered from the organized sequence of courses that make up the program. Every program has a Program Assessment Plan (PAP) that communicates the connections between program learning outcomes and program curriculum, which, when, and how often each outcome will be assessed, and who will be involved. PAPs account for the assessment of each outcome on a schedule that allows for continuous implementation, evaluation, and improvement. Program Assessment Plans are integrated into TCC's assessment reporting system.